Refresh and revitalise this Summer with Tipson Tea

What is it about tea that makes it such a refreshing drink on a hot summer-day? It is not the shiny ice cubes that you put in your glass nor is it the condensation that suggests a refreshing feeling. It is the tea itself! Summer is almost here now, and with it the warm breeze and sunny days, so what better way to embrace it than with a cold beverage that is refreshing and helps you rediscover a stronger you! Here’s the Tipson Tea way of refreshing and revitalising this summer.


Iced tea

Tea that is served chilled, iced tea, is the perfect option when you crave for a cuppa, but would love a cold stream through your body to cool down! Iced tea is a summer special, it’s so similar to tea, yet it is known to be something that feels like a soft drink, tastes amazing and gives back a lot more than just a fizzy flavour. Like tea, iced tea isn’t a new thing, it has been around for longer than you’d expect!

The recipe

Iced tea is mostly made in fairly big batches, so this will serve 4 to 6 people.

Start off by boiling some water. 

Pour 1 and a half litres of hot water into a jar and dip 6 tea bags in it. Now, the tea bags could be of any kind or flavour, so if you are feeling adventurous, check out the wide variety of tea and herbal infusions with different benefits and flavours we have at

Stir in a tablespoon of honey or 2 tablespoons of sugar and leave for about 10 mins and let the tea bags work their magic!

Next, chill in the refrigerator. Ideally, we recommend a minimum of 3 hours.

Then pour into a jar and stir in a few ice cubes along with lemon wedges and mint leaves.

Serve in glasses and enjoy the natural refreshment!


The healthiest soft drink alternative

Carbonated drinks don't do any good to your body. It is just a liquid with a lot of sugar and food colouring! As the world looks to more healthy options, the beverage industry is always hard at work to make more plant based products that are healthy and provide an actual benefit to the consumer. Even with all this, tea stands out as the most natural form a beverage could possibly get! Can you think of anything that isn’t from a plant or root that is present in tea? 

Benefits of iced tea over anything else cold

We always knew that if it’s natural, it’s good, but do you know how good? We have listed out all the health benefits of iced tea below;

  • Tea doesn’t contain any additives or artificial flavours, this is clearly better than any bottled drink.
  • Tea is full of antioxidants, these are basically fuel to your immune system. You won’t just look refreshed, you will gain a refreshed inner strength after an iced tea!
  • Tea is believed to lower cholesterol levels, does this mean an iced tea could make up for the short exercise sessions you never have time to do? Most probably!
  • People over 50 years old who drink tea have a reduced risk of bone fracture of 30%! 
  • Experts say that tea has a calming effect on the human nervous system.


Iced tea is the perfect drink for a family get-together that everyone will love. The adults will love the claimed health benefits that come with iced tea, the kids will love the delicious great taste, and everyone will enjoy being cooled down from the heat. For those afternoon events, when all else goes wrong, you can always rely on iced tea to lift everyone’s spirits and bring them back to better moods!

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