How can I find Tipson Tea in my country?

Tipson is available in many countries, however all varieties of our teas are not available everywhere. You can find the distributors/contact point given on the pack (for large distributors) online or by contacting us at info@tipsontea.com.


Why subscribe to Tipson Tea Newsletters?

Subscribing Tipson Newsletters will also entitle you for our loyalty program. We periodically send you Newsletters with promotional products, discounts and notices when limited edition rare teas are introduced. Please don’t forget to Subscribe to our newsletter.


Countries we ship to?

We ship to most of the countries in the world and you can view the list here.

If your country of choice is not listed here, please write to us on info@tipsontea.com prior to placing your order and we will confirm whether we are able to arrange shipment for you.

Commonwealth Independent State (CIS) countries such as Russia and Ukraine require special import documents registered to a company, which is not generally available to consumers. If you have the necessary import clearance for CIS countries, please contact us on info@tipsontea.com before placing an order.


I have paid for the order but not received a confirmation?

Your order payments are confirmed on-screen as well as by an order confirmation email. Leave a few minutes after payment and check your inbox and spam folder for your order confirmation. If you encounter any error message on-screen or did not receive an order confirmation, please contact us at info@tipsontea.com before attempting a new order.


I have requested to reset my password and not received a reply?

Your password recovery requests are sent by email. Leave a few minutes after your request and check your inbox and spam folder. If you encounter any error message on-screen or did not receive the password recovery email, please contact us at info@ tipsontea.com before attempting a new request.


I see a "Page Expired" message?

This may happen due to many reasons. Your page may have timed-out, hence please refresh the page or go back one step and re-try filling the form. If the error persists, please contact us at info@ tipsontea.com.


Changing delivery locations?

Orders can be shipped to a different address other than your billing address at the time of order. However, if you wish to change the shipping address after placing the order, please inform us at info@ tipsontea.com before 2 days have passed since the order placement.


No extra shipping charges?

The prices offered online are separate of shipping charges and no any extra hidden charges; however local duty/taxes imposed by the customs office will not be borne by Tipson.


Bulk orders for Establishments?

The prices offered are for individual consumers and if you require larger quantities,
please contact us at info@tipsontea.com. for a custom quote.


My Payments are not going through

Payments may fail due to many reasons and the following are the most common:

  • Corporate Credit Cards – Only personal credit cards are accepted, please use an appropriate credit card.
  • Time Out / Page Expired – contact us at info@tipsontea.com before re-trying payment
  • Insufficient Funds – Please speak to your bank
  • Fraud (black listed card or bank) – Please speak to your bank
  • Secondary Authentication Failed – Please keep your secondary authentication device nearby for quick access


Privacy and security of your payments and credit card numbers?

When you pay for your order, the information is directly typed on to the bank’s
(payment gateway) secure websites; we do not receive or retain your payment or
credit card information on our website.


My order has been damaged?

We make sure that items are packed securely with necessary padding and support. However, we have noticed that some boxes have been opened by local customs for inspection and have been damaged in the process. Our courier partners are trustworthy, hence when they deliver your package to your door-step they will request for a signatory to sign and claim the parcel. If, however there is no such possibility, you can also request that the package be left outside although doing so will be entirely at your own risk. If you receive any items that are damaged, please contact us at info@tipsontea.com with pictures so that we could request the courier for compensation.


Special Documents for Custom/FDA Clearance?

We include FDA Prior Notification Forms for all Tea orders shipped to USA or Canada and Phythosanitary Certificates for all orders shipped to Europe and South America. Please contact us at info@tipsontea.com should you require any other documents which may help to clear your teas faster and cheaper.
India: You will be requested to provide a Clearance Authority Letter and KYC form by the courier at the time of clearance.
Turkey, Brazil or Chile: Please provide your TAX ID or RUT Number along with your
order. You could also send it to us on orders@tipsontea.com with your order number.