What would happen to your body if you drank herbal teas every day?!

Herbal Tea has been a miracle-worker for over two-millennia.  The earliest records show that the Chinese had been using Herbal Tea as a natural prescription for a lot of illnesses. Customarily, herbal teas were only available in Asian countries. However, it eventually reached Europe through explorers who found herbal teas in the east and were instantly fascinated. 

This was back in the 17th century. Now in the 21st century, Herbal Tea is available all around the world! Although it’s known as tea, herbal tea is not actually made from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis, but by infusing herbs. Various blends are made by adding different spices and other edible plants to the mix. Herbal Tea consumption is not limited to one or two seasons, it’s a suitable beverage to drink all year around. Because Herbal Tea does not have any caffeine content it can be consumed daily and even multiple times a day!



So, what happens to your body if you consume herbal tea daily? A lot, actually! Here are the changes you can expect to see if you decide to have a cup of herbal tea everyday!

It gives your immunity system a much needed boost!

To this day herbal tea is used to treat different ailments such as a cold and fever. The most commonly used type of tea to treat sniffles is Echinacea Tea, as it contains antiviral properties. Echinacea also helps in strengthening the immune system to help avoid future minor illnesses if consumed on a daily basis.

Lose weight, feel fitter and healthier!

Herbal teas made with lemongrass are ideal to lose weight as it helps burn unnecessary fats and boosts your metabolism. While some people would not enjoy the citrusy, tangy, and lemon taste of lemongrass tea, a good option for them is Dandelion tea. Research shows dandelion is also good for weight loss and helps with digestion problems.

Melts your stress away 

With the world continuously changing, people’s lifestyles are changing. The current situation the entire world is facing has only added to the stress that people feel on a daily basis.. A cup of calming herbal tea like Chamomile Tea or Lavender Tea helps soothe the body and unwind all of that stress after a busy day.


Love yourself!

Herbal tea is known to help fight acne and reduce the scars. Good picks would be Rooibos Tea as it contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties and Spearmint Tea as it helps with breakouts. The more confident you are with your appearance the happier you will be!

Feel younger!

Herbal Tea is filled with antioxidants that help cells to protect themselves from damage caused by oxidation, which benefits the skin and gives it a much more vibrant look. Antioxidants clear out the toxins in your body and give clearer skin, help in reducing wrinkles and slowing down the aging process. Moringa Tea is known to be filled with antioxidants that help improve the quality of skin and hair by reducing the oxidative stress in the body!

Herbal Tea has a few calories (37 calories per 100 grams) while water has zero calories, but it has much more flavor than plain water. Herbal Tea has a lot of varieties with different flavors making every sip delightful. It is very hydrating during the summer season, but also warm when it's the winter season. It is a very healthy drink and even drinking multiple glasses a day is not bad for the stomach. Pregnant women can also consume Herbal Tea daily and it is proven to be beneficial for their nausea and cramps. This is the perfect beverage to say cheers to better health! Check out Tipson’s wide range of herbal teas at www.tipsontea.com!

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