Ginger: A Wholesome Spice!

With its origin in Southeast Asia, ginger (Zingiber Officinale) is a herbaceous perennial plant that grows pseudo-stems (leaves rolled up to form a stem) yearly. Even used by the Greeks and Romans, the ginger root was used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. In the present day, ginger is still used as a natural medical prescription and as a spice to flavour up meals and beverages.

The Austronesian's cultivated ginger and carried them in their voyages, in 5000 BP they started introducing the root to other countries, and soon after those countries carried it to other countries and also produced ginger in their homelands. By the 21st century, the global production of ginger exceeded 2.8 million tonnes!

Health Benefits of Ginger

Natural Prescription

Gingerol, a compound found abundant in ginger roots, has a lot of antioxidants that can help fight off small maladies, such as nausea, common cold, flu, more. Ginger helps with strengthening the immune system which will avoid the future risk of getting small sicknesses. Its ability to strengthen the immune system is known since ancient times, where voyagers would consume it to avoid seasickness. 

Indigestion Cure

Ginger is known to be a warm root. At times where you feel nauseous, whether it’s during your pregnancy or the times you consumed something bad and it’s making you uncomfortable, the perfect natural solution is ginger. Because of its calming and healing aroma, a cup of ginger tea can instantly put you in a good mood even at a time you don’t feel too well.

Eases Muscle Cramps


Ginger is the perfect home remedy for muscle pains. The high number of anti-inflammatory properties this root contains will ease the strains of your muscles caused by overworking or the aches and pains you get after exercising.

A Stress Reliever

Free radicals cause oxidative stress that further results in DNA damage! Phytochemical's are compounds that scavenge for free radicals. Ginger, which is rich in these compounds helps reduce oxidative stress and increases the antioxidant activity of your body, also protecting you against chronic diseases. A cup of ginger tea in the evening after a busy day of work would instantly relieve all of that accumulated stress. But don’t limit your consumption for just the evenings, have one in the morning to boost up your energy and to start your day in a good mood. 

Helps Fight off Bad Bacteria

In addition to having antioxidants, gingerol also has antibacterial properties that can help fight off harmful bacteria reducing the likely risk of getting infections. This compound also reduces the growth of oral bacteria protecting the gums and reducing inflammation in your mouth.

Keeps you well hydrated!

The main purpose of drinks is to keep you hydrated, but most of the store-bought ones are not healthy at all. A beverage made from the strong and slightly citrus flavoured root helps a lot with hydrating your body and contains a lot of health properties that are good for you. Also, the fact that it has a more natural flavour that is harmless to your body makes consuming worth it!

Is it worthy of the term “superfood”? Well, yes, ginger is one of the few very types of foods that really deserve that name. Ginger truly is a wholesome spice by serving as a remedy for a lot of ailments and chronic diseases. Its capability to make different flavourful beverages and that it serves as a delicacy for Asian cuisine cannot be forgotten!

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