A week of detox with Tipson Tea

Although detox has only become a part of mainstream culture in recent years, variations of it have existed in traditional medicine since ancient times. Natural detoxification is a practice that cleanses your soul. It is refreshing, calming, soothing, nourishing, and energizing for your body. The elimination of toxins through a detox reduces the chances of your susceptibility to illnesses as it helps to significantly boost your immunity.

Herbal infusions are natural detox to begin with and they are non-caffeinated. So consuming multiple cups with equal intervals a day will not give you a caffeine shock and restless sleep, like tea and coffee (high caffeine content comparatively than tea) do. 

However, in order to get the maximum benefit out of your detox, it is important to know a few things about how to detox the right way. Here are some recommendations from our team;

Day 01 of Detox Week

Detox Tea

This is the perfect blend to start your week of detox. With 100% natural ingredients like black pepper, ginger, and dandelion. These herbs and spices are proven to be effective detoxifiers, like  black pepper that is rich in piperine, a puissant antioxidant that reduces and prevents free radical damage, is also good for your gut as it helps good bacteria grow. It's no secret that ginger helps relieve nausea and improves digestion, but did you know that ginger is rich in antioxidants that help boost our immune system?


Just like ginger, dandelion too has a positive impact on the human digestive system as it consoles any stomach discomfort. Its root is well known in folk medicine also known as the “liver tonic” that helps detoxify the liver and reduces any potential risk of liver diseases. 


Day 02 of Detox Week

Immune Booster

A cup of this infusion in the morning will keep you productive and energetic throughout the day. Immune booster is an infusion blended with the right ingredients in the right proportions to give your immune system an incomparable boost. 


Natural rosehip added to the blend is rich in antioxidants that keep you safe from chronic diseases, and it also supports the way to a healthy immune system with its good source of vitamins (especially vitamin C that paves the way for good immunity). This infusion also contains organic rooibos tea that are antioxidant powerhouses, that also keeps our heart in a healthy state.


Day 03 of Detox Week

Liver Cleanse


Liver is the second largest organ in the human body and is very important in the digestion process. The organ also improves our metabolism, enhances the total wellbeing of our body, so it should be properly taken care of


This detoxifying infusion will flush out all the toxins, cleanse your liver and the ingredients present makes it a must in a detox program. Curry leaves contain plant compounds that are also antioxidants that hunt through free radicals and suppress the damage caused by them relieving you from oxidative stress. Correspondingly coriander seeds help cleanse our liver as it removes the unnecessary fat present it is also a great ingredient  to flush out toxins and detoxify our body.

Day 04 of Detox Week

Organic Matcha Blueberry


Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse as it is quite rich in these properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The high levels of chlorophyll present takes the limelight, it cleanses the digestive system, not only that, it also increases HDL (good cholesterol) levels in our body. Possible need of magnesium? Matcha is the way to go! 


Blueberries on the hand is a healing fruit, not only does it reduce inflammation it also prevents bacteria growth by acting as an antibiotic.


Day 05 of Detox Week

Organic Moringa & Turmeric


Two detoxifying ingredients stirred up to make an infusion that is a detoxing miracle. Moringa is considered a natural detoxing ingredient that eliminates the toxins present and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, turmeric is considered as a detoxing root praised for its detoxification properties. With its healing abilities gained from its anti-inflammatory properties it also has the ability to boost our immunity and even reduce free radical damage.


A cup of this infusion in the morning will fuel your body and soothe your system. 

Day 06 of Detox Week

Organic Turmeric & Camomile


Turmeric and camomile make a wonderful detoxing pair. The lightness of the flower and the amazing abilities of the root results in a great concoction. As turmeric is able to flush out the toxins present in the human body it can also improve the liver’s function as it increases growth and production of necessary enzymes in the organ, enhancing our overall health status.

Day 07 of Detox Week

Organic Moringa & Green Tea

Green tea and moringa are OG detoxing ingredients. Green tea is known for its high antioxidant content that detoxifies our body faster than other detoxing agents. It also helps to detox the body while smoothly enhancing our metabolic system, contains natural compounds (mainly polyphenols) that help ward off inflammation, effective fat burner and good sidekick for workouts, catechins (another compound present) is known to be beneficial with oral health as it subdues bacteria growth saving you from future infection risks. 


Your body is a natural system. So the best way to cleanse your system is to do it naturally with the help of natural ingredients.


A week of detox is quite easy to commence and only requires a tiny bit of effort. With all the herbal blends we have in store,  you have the choice of alternating different ingredients and getting the maximum out of your detox. 


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