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Lemon is always a fun fruity flavour to incorporate in our treats. It’s perfect to give a slight tangy note for desserts, as iced drinks, iced tea, and (a new trend) tea popsicles, there's no limit to the versatility of Lemons! They help cool us down from the scorching heat that our country is always likely to have. Plus Lemons gives a special kick that can further elevate the taste and experience with their zesty, citrus notes. Furthermore the high Citric acid content of Lemons gives it the versatility to easily adapt itself to different kinds of sweet and savoury dishes. Stay tuned as you will not only uncover more interesting information about Lemons but also four amazing health benefits of them and finally Lemon herbal infusion recommendations from Tipson Tea!



Surprisingly the origin of Lemons is still not known! The inability to confirm the birthplace of Lemons has now become a constant conundrum amongst researchers. However, there is little-known information that states they actually originated from North-western India, but these can also be nothing more than hearsays. Nevertheless, with its introduction to Persia, Iraq, and Egypt from Italy, it was cultivated in different countries around 700 AD. 

You may have heard of a few ways to utilise Lemons but did you know the plant had more to offer? For instance, after preserving Lemons in large containers of salt, the rind or its peel are used to produce Pectin, which is an ingredient quite often used in the production of commercial products. The peel also has its uses for individuals. It can be grated (zest) to use when making desserts or other savoury dishes for a dash of soury flavour. Next are Lemon leaves, just like the fruit, it's got a fresh scent that can help to elevate the aroma when cooking with seafood. You can add a few leaves to the stew and then later strain it out for a slight zesty note.


Fun fact:

Lemons can be mainly differentiated into three types - rough, acidic, and sweet.


Health Benefits of Lemon



Clearer skin 

It’s fair to say that if something advances each and every day, it would be pollution. All the pollutants in the environment around us are damaging our skin every day. Whether it is dirt clogging out pores or UV rays from sunlight damaging our skin barrier, our skin is under constant attack from the environment. Here’s when the Vitamin C content of Lemon takes the limelight. It boosts the production of Collagen, a protein known for its ability to keep the structure of the skin and stops it from forming wrinkles and fine lines. 


Antibacterial prowess

Lemons are quite commonly known for their antibacterial properties. The peel is the actual hero here, containing a vast amount of antibacterial agents. Because there’s a high concentration of Citric acid, Lemons are also used as a natural disinfectant to help kill bacteria. This was mainly to clean unwashed dishes and other kitchen utensils. 

Additionally Lemon peels also contain powerful antioxidants, like Flavonoids, that is an antimicrobial agent. As antioxidants do, Flavonoids hunt through free radicals and get rid of them, hopefully stopping further damage to your skin. Additionally the antioxidants fight off inflammation that clears out any damage visible to the eye, promising you a youthful looking skin!



Hydration check

With our busy schedules and routines, keeping up with hydration can easily be forgotten till it’s close to being neglected. The recommended amount of water per day is ten cups, this actually isn’t quite a lot when you realise how much our body depends on water. Adding some wedges of Lemon to your cup or bottle of water will instantly boost its flavour and keep you motivated to drink more. You could also opt for Tipson Lemon Herbal Infusions. They come with the nutriment of other herbs and also a variety of flavours to give you the nourishment and hydration you need!


Digestion aid

Depending on the severity, ulcers are something that many of us are likely to face and it’s just a painful experience. Traditionally Lemons were used to treat such gastrointestinal problems for the healing effect it possesses.  Moreover the citrus fruit can also relieve you from the other troublesome symptoms as a result of ulcers, like indigestion, bloating, and unneeded production of gas. A warm cup of Tipson Lemon Infusion first thing in the morning could relieve you from these troublesome pains as well as constipation struggles and get your digestive system running.


Did you know?

Lemon trees grow for over one and half centuries. That’s 150 years!


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