Introducing Sri Lanka’s first-ever latte tea range by Tipson Tea!

Introducing Sri Lanka’s first-ever latte tea range by Tipson Tea!

At Tipson, we keep a finger on the pulse of what consumers demand in the tea industry. We were one of the pioneers of organic herbal blends with a variety of different flavours. We quickly recognized how consumers demand environmental sustainability, and we were once again one of the first brands to develop 100% plastic free tea bags! In addition to ensuring the best herbal blends, Tipson has also worked hard to deliver amazing taste. Marking a monumental milestone in our journey, we were also able to receive the 'Great Taste' award presented by the Guild of Fine Food (GFF) this year. Our strength has always been our research and development, and today our team achieves a new milestone by becoming the first Sri Lankan brand to introduce a tea latte range to the Sri Lankan market!

What is latte tea? 

Latte teas are a sweet, indulgent treat! They are a dream for those that are looking to step away from coffee, as they provide the same experience without the effects of caffeine.  Latte teas are a style of milk tea and a variation on café lattes. With the combination of bold teas and delicious flavours, Tipson’s Latte Teas have been crafted specifically for milk. These delectable blends can be served both hot and cold.  Traditionally these Latte teas are made with frothy milk being poured into the brew, but for those warm summer days, these delicious Lattes are best indulged poured over some frosty ice cubes after mixing the chilled brew with milk, and is an ideal fit for the festive season just around the corner! 

Tipson offers a variety of flavours to choose from which will generate amazing experiences that are unique to Tipson tea. Here is a look at the Tipson latte range:

Cream cocktail


Tipson’s Latte tea cream cocktail is an ideal drink for anytime of the day. Perfect as a shaken iced cocktail on a hot summer day or great to be enjoyed as a warm mug of creamy vanilla milk tea on a cozy night-in, our cream cocktail is nothing short of comforting!


Tipson’s unique combination of black tea and chocolate will elevate your regular hot chocolate to a whole new level. Every sip will tantalize your taste buds whilst satisfying your love for chocolate. This tea is every chocolate lover's dream and a match made in heaven.

Baked Apple Cinnamon

Tipson’s delightful Baked Apple and Cinnamon latte tea is Autumn in a cup with a reminiscent after taste of delicious “Apple pie”. An ideal alternative to a dessert after a meal, this is perfect to be enjoyed warm. An exquisite end to a perfect meal!

Maple Nougat

Tipson’s Maple Nougat Latte Tea is a dessert in a cup. This is ideal as a blended milky iced shake or a warm cup of delicious Latte Tea. This delightful flavour is a perfect alternative to a dessert after a delectable meal.


Irish Cream

Tipson’s smooth, rich Irish Cream tea is a delectable hot beverage to satisfy your afternoon sweet cravings. A perfect welcome beverage for your guest, a fabulous conversation accompaniment and a great way to enjoy a creamy cup of tea while enjoying some “me” time.


Almond Thai

Tipson’s Almond Thai Latte tea is a sweet concoction of Asian spices, honey, roasted almonds and vanilla. This luscious tea is ideal to be enjoyed as a morning tea-latte or a day time creamy blended iced tea.

For the first time ever, enjoy this range of exciting new latte tea additions from Tipson Tea. Latte tea is not just for a caffeine fix but also has many health benefits and tastes great too! We are extremely excited to announce that we have just launched this range at the latest Keells outlet on Lauries Road! 

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