The Ideal Pairings Of Non-Dairy Milks For Your Latte Tea


What are tea lattes?


Tea lattes are for tea lovers who want the milky richness of a café latte, without the jitters you get from coffee. Traditionally, lattes are a type of coffee made with espresso and warm full cream milk. Tea lattes on the other hand are made with steamed milk, but instead of espresso, black tea is added. They are enjoyed by many for their delicate yet flavourful notes. The Tipson Latte Range comes with six amazing varieties: Cream Cocktail, Chocolate, Baked Apple Cinnamon, Maple Nougat, Irish Cream, and Almond Thai Tea. These combinations match so well with the bold flavour notes of Ceylon black tea. 

What are plant-based milks?


Plant and nut-based forms of non-dairy milks have increasingly gained popularity over the last few years. People’s increasing concern for the environment, their dietary health and increasing availability of non-dairy milks has made it much easier for people to make these milks an everyday part of their lives.


Made with a water base and a plant source of choice (like nuts, grains, seeds, legumes), plant-based milks are vegan beverages that are also a perfect alternative for dairy milk.  One of the common misconceptions about non-dairy milks is that it fails to bring the same amount of creamy richness that dairy milk has. However, if you can find a non-dairy milk that is concentrated just enough, you can get the same amount of creaminess!


Did you know?

More than 50 percent of the world population is lactose intolerant. 


So in today’s blog we’re bringing you four non-dairy milk options that will perfectly pair with your cup of latte tea so you can enjoy your cup at any time you feel like it!


The perfect non-dairy milk options for your latte tea


Almond milk



Almond milk has become one of the most popular choices among plant-based milk options. To prepare Almond milk, you should soak the dry Almonds to make it soft and plump. A ratio of 1:4 (Almonds to water respectively) gives you the perfect glass of creamy Almond milk. This can be adjusted to your preferences by changing the liquid content.


Almonds are filled with antioxidants. So, they are great to fight off free radicals in your body. 


Oat milk


Oat milk is a delicious and extremely nutritious beverage. It is a rich source of essential daily nutrients such as Vitamin B1, Manganese, Protein, Fiber, and Carbs. Many health enthusiasts consume Oat milk to keep them energized throughout the day Generally, Rolled oats are used to make Oat milk due to its texture and consistency.  Unlike nuts, this doesn’t need prior soaking. So, it's always as fresh as it can be! The common ratio would be 1:4 (Oats to water) and again this can be adjusted according to the consistency you like.


Oat milk consumption is estimated to grow in the near future as a result of the increased awareness of the benefits of oat milk.

Macadamia milk

Macadamia nuts have an amazing flavour profile. Its nutty taste and buttery texture make this the perfect base for a creamy, rich milk. Like Almond milk they do need prior soaking so that they are puffed and ready to be blended to creamy thick milk. The ratio here changes to 2:4 (nuts to water respectively) and this gives the best consistency, quite the same as full cream cow’s milk. 

Were you aware?

Macadamia nuts are harvested when they fall off from the tree and not plucked from the trees.

Hemp milk


Hemp milk will undoubtedly become well-known in the near future. Why? Because it is the perfect plant-based milk if you want to avoid dairy and nuts. An added bonus is you can make this straight away! Hemp seeds are so delicate that they don’t have to be soaked, so just by adding water and Hemp seeds you get a fresh batch of Hemp milk with just a few seconds in the blender. The ratio would be 1:4 (Hemp to water respectively) and this can always be adjusted to your liking.



Hemp seeds are a rich source of plant-based Protein.


Non-dairy milks are a real treat to make as they just require the ingredient itself and water only. If needed, additional sweeteners can be added or you can straightaway add it to your latte tea. Pro-tip; a splash of vanilla in your milk can really enhance the flavour!

All of these plant-based milks are unique from one another and each has something different to offer. A common thing about them is that they’re all exceptionally nutritious due to their low fat content. Non-dairy milks also have a higher water content, providing more hydration. The nutrients and vitamins of these individual ingredients is an added bonus!


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