Why Organic Products are the Next Big Thing?

It is a simple term, yet it’s getting a lot of attention today. The organic label guarantees the quality of the food that you consume. To be organic is a high cost, but people think it is a wiser choice than to end up being hospitalised after eating foods that are sprayed with pesticides.


Organic products (especially fruits and vegetables) are the ones that are natural, grown without the use of human made fertilisers and chemicals. To ensure there are no pests in the products they need great care. This means more work for the organic farmers, but it is worth their struggle as consumers are willing to pay high prices if the products are organic.






Why you Should Consume Organic Products!


No Risk to your Health

Store-bought vegetables and fruits contain harmful chemicals like pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, and sometimes even wax coatings! Usually, there is some residue left even after harvesting, a wash with running tap water can’t get rid of all these harmful chemicals. Organic products are similar to homegrown vegetables and fruits containing none of the above mentioned toxins. With no risk to your health, you are able to consume your favourite products.


Organic Products are Environmental Friendly

The environment around organic farms are fresh, safe, and healthier because the air, water, soil around the farms are not polluted. Research proves that people and animals living close to this kind of environment have fewer health issues.



Highly Nutritious compared to non-organic products

Organic products are much healthier than the normal products you would buy at grocery stores or supermarkets. Nowadays organic meat and dairy products are available as well because no genetically modified substances are injected into the products, they are quite healthful due to the high vitamin and mineral contents in them.


You know you’re Eating Good

An important fact is that you know you’re not consuming something bad and harmful for you but the opposite, with a mindset like that you are willing to spend in order to consume something that is healthy and nutritious. Because it is everyone’s wish to be healthy and stop the consumption of junk foods.


Fresh for a Reason

Because farmers do not want their hard work to be ruined by pests, they harvest the products as soon as they reach an edible stage. This results in fresh products and the taste is even more delectable!


Strengthened Immunity

Traditional farmed products have a lot of harmful chemicals and growth hormones to enhance their production and output that can risk the consumer’s health, organic products containing only the best can ensure a strong immune system in the long run as of its high nutritional content.


Will reduce future expenses

Yes! That’s right, even though the initial cost of buying organic products is high, you wouldn’t have to pay extra money to hospital bills because of upset stomachs. Imagine your daily meals have harmful pesticides included in it, wouldn’t that give you a stomach ache and make you sick, sometimes you could be treated at home whereas if the case is worse you would have to end up in a hospital bed.


It is important that you consume something that is good for your health even though it might be a little bit out of your budget. Your health should be your priority! At Tipson we want to provide the best but with an affordable price tag attached to it. Our organic herbal infusions have tons of health benefits with a unique, flavorful taste!

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