About Us

Tipson Tea is a phenomenal brand that serves to provide products meant to inspire people to make healthier food and beverage choices. We also strive to integrate our product in to the daily routines of consumers in a simple and fun-filled way. The main audiences we address are the health conscious people, as we desire to create a customer base that want healthy and functional products that are also convenient to use.

Our brand is spearheaded by amazing personal and professional skills as we operate with effective and efficient communication skills, time management, attention to detail and organization. Better quality packaging and ingredients, delectable taste profiles, and unique product flavors and blends, are some of the elements that set us apart from those around us.

Drawing inspiration from the research done into the nutritional and functional benefits of herbs and fruits, we want to provide these benefits whilst giving a unique and flavorful experience to our consumers. In many of our products, we have used organic herbs and blended them with natural flavors.

Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama - Chairman

Seasoned tea taster, medical doctor, humble industrialist and devoted family man are but a few words to describe Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama, the mastermind behind the premium tea brand, Basilur. His dream of bringing back an age-old tea tea gifting culture, and re-introducing the world authentic Ceylon tea, paved the way to establishing the premium tea brand Basilur in 2006. The award winning brand continues to grow with his expertise in tea innovation and creativity.

Mr. Andrey Mareev - Chief Creative Director

Mr. Andrey Mareev, has been our Chief Creative Director, since the inception. An expert in Product Research & Development, Arts, Designing and Teaching, he possesses an innate ability to conceptualize unique ideas, that have defined our brand for over a decade. Each product has been skilfully designed to express the key idea behind every collection. His deep understanding of different cultures remains a true reflection in his work, which continues to set us apart from the rest.

Our Production Facility

We have set up our own manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka with our marketing, finance and administration centralized at the same location. This ensures that we have total control over the quality of our products and guarantee that the best possible products are made for our consumers. We are available at retail outlet chains and online for purposes of distribution. We current export to over 50 countries and expanding further!